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Day 10: Did You Know? People with Down Syndrome Lead Happy, Independent and Successful Lives

By Jess

People with Down Syndrome can be actors, musicians, business people, TV stars, learn to drive and even climb Mount Everest.

Never underestimate and never count people with Down Syndrome out.

I can’t wait to see what Frida wants to do when she grows up and I really don’t have any worries about her options being limited. When we first discovered she was likely to have Down Syndrome I found a video featuring the very talented performer Sarah Gordy and was so entirely absorbed by her and felt, at that moment, the world was Frida’s oyster and absolutely everything was going to be ok. I’m a huge fan! If you want to find about more about the brilliant Sarah Gordy, read her essay in Made Possible (edited by the brilliant Saba Salman) and prepare to be impressed by her.

I have shared lots of posts on social media about people with Down Syndrome doing great things, following their dreams and achieving great success. Whilst we need to be careful not to patronise someone by saying they are inspirational just because they have a disability, they must be shared and celebrated because representation matters! Representation in the arts, in business and in all industries will really help kids and young adults realise that they too can achieve their goals and dreams if they want to. It builds pathways and that is where the label ‘inspirational’ should come from. I can’t wait to introduce Frida and her big sister to Sarah’s work on the screen and maybe even a live dance performance in the future.