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Day 12: Did You Know? Age.

By Jess

In 1983 the average life expectancy of a child with Down Syndrome was only 25 years old. Today, many people with Down Syndrome live to over 60.

I read an article last week about a chap with Down Syndrome passing away at the age of 78. With early intervention and ever improving health care for our little ones, I can see that average age continuing to increase, along with the quality of their life lived.

There are debates to be had about the quality of institutional care for some adults with Learning Disabilities, and improvements required in respect of inclusivity, but neither are for a Positive About Down Syndrome post. Those things will follow.

Edit on 5.12.2020. I’ve just read an article about another chap who had recently celebrated his 78th birthday. His niece credits his happy, long, life to being fully included in his family and community and treated no differently to anyone else. His mum sounds amazing. It reinforces the point I make above about Early Intervention having a positive impact on life expectancy for our little ones who should benefit loads from all the early year work they will benefit from.