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Day 14: Did You Know? Hearts.

By Jess

Around half of babies born with Down Syndrome will have some kind of heart condition. Often this can be corrected by surgery. But be careful, these guys will steal your heart given half a chance.

We had 2 fetal cardiology scans and were advised Frida didn’t appear to have a heart condition. On reflection, I can see that we were rushed through these appointments before she was 24 weeks... I now know that even if she was born with a heart condition, the chances of any surgery being super successful are very high. So many of the babies I have the pleasure to see grow through the Positive About Down Syndrome New Parents group have had surgery and are flourishing. Even those who are waiting for surgery are doing really well. Frida had a scan when she was 3 weeks old and she has a very small hole between the top two chambers of her heart. I did not realise but most babies are born with this and it closes soon after birth. We have a follow up in a month or so to check if it has closed. Even if it hasn’t, it is unlikely to bother her. She doesn’t seem to have any issues with her energy or problems feeding (see recent posts for how much she LOVES her food), so it is unlikely to be causing her any issues, whatever they find. But I totally agree with the part of today’s message about her stealing hearts.