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Day 2: Did You Know? Language Matters!!

By Jess

We prefer ‘People First’ language. A person has, or with Down Syndrome. Not a ‘Down’s boy’. Our children are children first and Down Syndrome is just a tiny part of who they are.

Frida is Frida.
She HAS Down Syndrome.
She is not A Down Syndrome baby.

This is a good one and very simple. Please don’t get upset or defensive if I correct you if you say ‘Down’s children’. Just know that the very slight change in language makes all the difference to a person with Down Syndrome because DS doesn’t define them, it is just a part of who they are.

A set of language ‘cards’ have been produced by a mum to a gorgeous little boy, Arthur. They were shared by the Down Syndrome Association in an article talking about the inspiration behind them. They are excellent and encapsulate everything I say and would love others to think about around the language they use when talking with and about people with DownSyndrome, especially clinicians and other professionals!