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Day 5: Did You Know? 1 in 700.

By Jess

Around 1 in every 700 babies born in the UK has Down Syndrome. This makes it the most common, naturally occurring, chromosomal condition. This is true for all nationalities, ethnic groups, and classes.

1 in every 700 babies in the UK is born with Down Syndrome and if you speak to most parents of kids with Down Syndrome they will tell you that they feel like 'The lucky few'. So why doesn’t that message translate to all clinicians delivering a diagnosis, or high chance result? I’m spending time, as are many others, trying to change the conversation and language around diagnosis. My feedback to the hospital includes Positive About Down Syndrome leaflets and information. Whilst I didn’t have a bad experience, I did have to explain a couple of times that we were not sad to have a high chance result and that I wasn’t devastated when the diagnosis was confirmed when she was born. I also had to confirm for certain that we wanted to continue with the pregnancy. Had I been, maybe the concerned faces and sadness conveyed by clinicians might have led me to be more fearful, not less.